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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Burying Dead Things

It has been way toooooooo long, since I have posted a blog.  Nonetheless, I'm back!!!  This blog is short, but powerful...well, at least it is to me :-).
Recently, I was requested to eulogize my friend's uncle.  The funeral services were held on a day that reminded of something painful in my life. While I was preparing for the service, I was fully aware of the pain that day represented, but I wasn't sure how I would respond. One reason for the uncertainty was because in the past, there was usually a gnawing in my gut as that date approached.  A second reason was because I was focused on writing a message that would bring some comfort to a grieving family. A third reason was because I was in a season where things were good, not perfect, but really good.  I felt in my spirit that I had crossed a spiritual plane that reinforced the saying "troubles don't last always."
It wasn't until after funeral service that I had time to reflect on this issue that was previously associated with a lot of pain. I was having a conversation with a friend and she inquired if I was sad because of what the day represented. I could honestly say no because I was focused on bringing healing to someone else.  I was focused on what was good in my life. Essentially, the lessons for me were/are 1.) sometimes our healing comes through addressing another person's pain and 2.) painful moments happen, but the good always has a way of outweighing the bad.  I had another "AHA" moment regarding that experience.  God spoke to my heart that not only was I eulogizing my friend's uncle, but that issue was also finally being put to rest. I hope and pray that your painful moments will also be laid to rest.
Abounding in Love and Growing in Grace,