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Monday, July 8, 2013

Be All That You Can Be

So God made you a promise and it’s yet to be manifested, huh? You’ve prayed, fasted, been dedicated to your call, but it seems to tarry? The most difficult time for many of us is the “mean” time, the in between time…the time between when you embarked on the journey and when you finally reach the promise. Honestly, it takes little faith to hear the promise and even less to enjoy the promise. However, when we live in the space of no longer being who/what/where we were and not yet being who/what/where we are to be, it takes all the faith we can possibly muster. It is when we live in the space of “be-coming”, that we experience the true test of whether or not we believe the promises of God are yes and amen.  This is a lonely place, a frightening place, a vulnerable place, a risky place, a frustrating place…a place few would volunteer to exist. Nonetheless, it is a very necessary place.  This place reveals our true character and our resolve. This place makes us (creates an identity worthy of the promise), it breaks us (shatters the hype we believe about ourselves and reveals nasty/unbecoming habits, attitudes, actions), it constrains us (presses us like the olive used to produce the oil for anointing…it squeezes every dormant gift and ability to the surface) and restrains us (keeps us from people, places and things that would lead to our detriment and keep us from entering into the promise).
Beloved I wish I could tell you how long this phase would last, but I cannot.  However what I can say is that there is date of delivery associated with the promise. I have often wished that God’s time operated according to my desired timetable, but it does not. God’s time is accompanied by a process, a process that cannot be avoided or denied. What matters is our attitude while we are “be-coming”.  An attitude of gratitude along with a mind open to learning and spirit opening to growing will keep us and allow us to be all that we can be. With this attitude, the journey doesn't seem as long and I believe to God's delight doesn't take as long.
 See you in the Promised Land!!!


Abounding in Love and Growing in Grace,

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  1. I am in agreement with you so much! The wait time allows me to see the real me in action. It helps me to use check and balance within my self on the subject of FAITH.