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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spirit Matters

I received a call from a young man who, at one time, professed an interest in dating me.  We went out on several dates and actually had a great time together. We spent some time getting to know one another, but the communication ceased and there were no more dates. He recently called to inquire why.  I told him the turning point was during a time I was having a crisis of faith moment and I asked him to pray with me.  You see, up until that point we would often discuss our lives, hopes, fears, goals and what we believed we were called to do. He would always say that he would pray for me and I would say that I would pray for him, which I did. However, when I asked him to pray “with” me, he hesitated and either wouldn’t or couldn’t. He said, he always prays for me and he would pray later.  I asked why couldn’t we pray then and the only thing that flowed were excuses.  I understand possibly feeling put on the spot, but this young man is a minister and he had previously told me about the times he has prayed with others. This was a major red flag that could not be ignored.
We can have all the physical attraction, mutual interests, amazing conversations and gut-busting laughter in the world, but I also require attention to matters of the spirit. Can I trust you with the essence of my being….my spirit? Can you help heal her should she become wounded?  Can you speak life to her, when life is waning? Can you help compel her to be her best? This should not have come as a surprise, as previously he asked me what I considered attractive. My answer was intelligence, confidence, sense of humor, passion about life and purpose and spiritually grounded. I believe we are spirit beings in human form and I need someone who is able to transcend the flesh and all other material substance/obstructions and speak to, reach, and nurture the essence of my being…my spirit. I don’t really need another person to pray for me. I can do that and I have a group of great friends who I know can and will fulfill that petition. I want to know can you/will you pray “with” me? Can we be open and vulnerable with each other in sacred places? Can our spirits commune and fellowship in a space where divinity encounters divinity and creates what is divine and sublime?  If not, then my spirit requires me to keep it moving until she meets one who possess the spirit who can and will attend to her.
Abounding in Love and Growing in Grace,

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  1. Very nice and informed post. My guess is that he was already praying with someone or just not up to the task. Either way it was strange for him to not